We’re very happy to announce you that our new season is officially announced and the registrations are already open.

This season is a big opportunity for us, as the first was a successfull proof of concept. We invested and are still investing a lot into the competition. We want to upgrade everything: challenges for the pilots as well as entertainment for the fans.

So the next year, you’ll be able to watch all the races, in English and French, thanks to StarRacing and Pulsar42.

We will do the same number of races than for the previous season, so prepare yourself for 9 events of pure speed and skills. Some new rules are uprising the challenge: no shortcuts and if pilots destroy their ship they’re disqualified.


You’ll find the schedule, up to date, here.

We like to take our time to let pilots to train well and do all our things in the best way. Registrations are open from 1st December 2019 and until the end of 3.8. Please, be sure to ask for a license FIRST!

Then, for the whole 3.9, we let all the registered pilots do some multiplayer races in Arena Commander to try to put themselves on top of the leaderboards. Only the 20 fastest will be selected to participate into the competition.

The competition will begin in 4.0 and last until all the races are done. We do not have fixed dates for now and will communicate about it later in 2020. We want to consider the possible timezones of all our involved pilots.

Be sure to read the season rules before registering.

Some support

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