Get your pilot license

To participate into our competitions you must ask for and obtain a specific license. You’ll find below what it is and how to get it, plus a form to fill.

What are those licenses ?

Licenses delivered for Vapulca Championship Series races are used to ensure that our participating pilots are good drivers and fair competitors. Each pilot own a unique license with a maximum of 12 points, that can be reduced or increased considering what happens during the races.

This means that if you make a lot of faults, you might loose your license, and as you need it to participate you’ll be banned if it happens. Details about how license points can be reduced or increased depend on the current rules applying to the ongoing VCS season.

When just delivered, you’ll have a license with your 12 starting points. Please, note that we will communicate you a license number that is not public. It is your responsibility to keep it private or not. You’ll have to fill in your license number to register into a VCS season.

Apply for your license

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