Sponsors are people or organizations that participate in the preparation of our events with advertisement and compensations for their efforts.

Pulsar42 is a non-profit association (under the 1901 law) centralizing many services for the French-speaking and international Star Citizen community. Our goal is to inform people, to help them follow their common passion, to allow them to meet each other and, ultimately, to make the community a rich, lively and friendly place.

Pulsar42 also acts as a laboratory of ideas, encouraging projects and providing a framework and logistics allowing them to come to life


Partners are people or organizations that help us to promote our events.

StarRacing, is an organizer and promoter of racing in Star Citizen and mostly known for tournaments in the game mode Arena Commander.

Also, StarRacing offers its services to grow the current racing scene in Star Citizen by helping out new racing organizers. In order to do so they are advisors and providing tools like registration and tournament management systems etc. on their website.