Our team : meet the Vapula squad !

We’re a little team, and we want to stay like that. We favor partnerships. But if you want to meet us directly, you’ll find a list of events where we’ll be, or you can contact us at vapulasquad@gmail.com. If you want to join us or work with us, please refere to the recruitment informations below, or check the partnership page.

You can also join our Discord !


Race Director

RSI Profile | Twitter

Where and when to meet us ?

This year, we will be at

– [CANCELED] Gamers Assembly 2020 (11st to 13rd Apr 2020, Poitiers, FR)

Last year event where we were at :

– CitizenCon 2949 (23rd Nov 2019, Manchester, UK)

– Terabar Citizen (28th Nov 2019, Paris, FR)


Race Steward (voluntary work, membership)

We’re looking for people capable of recording and/or broadcasting in high quality the spectator POV of our races.

Goodies Designer (paid service, no membership)

We’re looking for an artist able to design some goodies for us to sell on our shop.